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Sara Impey: Textile Artist

Sara specialises in densely machine-stitched lettering. She writes her own material, enabling her to play with language in a visual form and use it to comment on social and personal issues, often with a dash of humour.

Her quilts have been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has work in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and The Quilt Museum in York. Her quilts have been selected three times for Quilt National in the United States and she won the award of QUILT 2006 at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham that year.

She is a member of the group Quilt Art and an honorary member of The Quilters' Guild.

Her book 'Text in Textile Art' was published by Batsford in 2013.


Tickbox Culture

This quilt is a response to the box-ticking mindset that increasingly pervades public services. The text purports to be an advertisement for an executive job. It consists of a single sentence peppered with 'management speak', so that it rapidly becomes verbose and almost impossible to read while retaining its grammatical structure. Interlocking with the rest of the script in red is the sentence: 'all a ticked box does is fill a square.' The 'x' in the last word is stitched in the margin, as if making a bid for creative freedom.

Hand-dyed cotton, wholecloth, machine quilted.

132 x 200 cm


© Sara Impey

Watching Paint Dry

I prefer stitch to paint. This quilt is intended as a wry comment on the status of textiles, which are sometimes taken less seriously than other media in the art world. This stitched list of artists' paints is the nearest I will come to picking up a paintbrush.

Silk, wholecloth, machine quilted.

91 x 121 cm


© Sara Impey